Proactive Networx is continually bringing on small businesses with anywhere from 5- 50 employees. We focus on small businesses because of our unique ability to work with the client and help prioritize the company's computer security and networking needs. This allows the customers to benefit from technology while meeting the budget limitations of a small company. Proactive Networx also works with key companies to negotiate prices.

Mail Servers
Proactive Networx now offers a mail server for companies that will allow employees to share calendars and contacts without spending a lot of money on licensing fees. This mail server helps with spam and provides enterprise level virus protection. This mail server will also allow remote users to check their email from any computer offsite and still have access to their calendars and contacts as well as their emails. This solution enhances the efficiency of small business networks.

Beyond Salt Lake
In May, Proactive Networx signed a contract with a customer in Phoenix, Arizona. This is the first of our out-of-state customers and shows the need for small business computer support and services outside of the Salt Lake Valley.

New Sales Manager
Proactive Networx has grown steadily via word of mouth. To continue providing quality customer service to our existing clients while growing further, a dedicated Sales Manager became necessary. In April, David Figge joined the Proactive team. David is an expert in his field, and is enthusiastic about helping us grow our company.



Network Management for Small Businesses

"There are so many small businesses using technology on a daily basis, but lacking proper
IT support or in-house experience to maintain & secure their company networks."

-J. Weaver, CEO

There's a growing need for small businesses technology services, and Proactive Networx has concentrated expertise in meeting this need.

ProActive Networx, Inc. helps small businesses effectively maintain their networks; using technology to grow their business without having to staff a full-time IT person.

ProActive Networx, Inc. has a working relationship with many business partners to serve as a complete resource for all aspects of a small business' IT infrastructure - including hardware, T1 lines, phone lines, internet services, and more-- all at competitive prices. ProActive Networx, Inc. makes cutting edge technology and services affordable for small business.

Each engineer at ProActive Networx has specialized training in Information Security Systems, which allows them to give small businesses a focus on security--something that even most larger businesses don't have. Fluent in both Microsoft and Linux systems, Proactive Networx engineers provide a custom solution for your company on either platform.



Proven Success

South Mountain Community Church
"Proactive Networx came along just in time! We were scrambling on a daily basis to just keep our computers up and running. In the last year, Joey and his team have helped us double the computers on our network, add 2 wireless networks, increased our security, setup a separate computer for data back-up, and installed a completely new VoIP phone system. Now, we feel like we are staying ahead of the curve"
- Gretchen Figge, Office Manager
Salt Lake Jet Center,
Salt Lake City, Utah
"Proactive Networx has consistently provided us with excellent service. We have come to count on their maintenance of our computers."
- Richard Zimmerman, Operational Manager
"I must tell you how very nice it is to be met by the can-do, professional attitude, and one that made me feel that my job was the most important thing on your list as well. That goes a long way with customers, and certainly with me. I took far more of your time than I planned just talking about things and never felt that my question or request was unimportant."
- J. Nielson,
Individual Customer
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